Cheap, Reliable and Sustainable Energy through Flexibility Management at the Grid Edge

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We are both honored and humbled to be a Leader in both the demand response management system (DRMS) and virtual power plant (VPP) software Leaderboard reports published in the last month by Navigant Research– the only company to have been named as a Leader in both categories. We are very proud of the innovations achieved by the AutoGrid team in the new category of flexibility management at the grid edge, and more importantly, the results these innovations—paired with a relentless focus on customer success— have delivered to our clients.

AutoGrid was founded five years ago with the vision of using advanced analytics software to harness flexible capacity from connected distributed energy resources (DERs), as a way to balance supply and demand and get the most out of all energy resources. AutoGrid Flex, our flexibility management application suite is the only fully integrated solution on the market supporting all three leading flexibility use cases: VPP, DRMS and distributed energy resources management system (DERMS). AutoGrid’s ranking as a Leader in the two flexibility management software categories for which a Leaderboard report has been written is a testament to that original vision.

It is amazing to see what our customers have achieved using AutoGrid Flex for their DRMS, VPP and DERMS initiatives—managing tens of thousands of DERs in real time. In fact, AutoGrid Flex has been selected by our customers to manage a combined 2,000 MW of DERs—making it by far the most proven software solution on the market today. The Navigant reports also noted the scalability of our solution, as AutoGrid Flex is the only solution architected with predictive controls so that it can forecast and optimize hundreds of thousands of DERs in real time, and its ability to be deployed in weeks due to its modular, SaaS architecture.

We have much more yet to do, but we want to thank our customers, our partners and our employees for achieving this great recognition. We are committed to continuing to pursue this vision of harnessing flexible capacity to deliver clean, affordable, reliable energy for the world.

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