My Summer Internship at AutoGrid

By Salvador Marrero

As a fourth-year student at California State University Long Beach (CSULB), with a concentration in Consumer Affairs and a minor in communication studies, I am always looking for ways to grow my professional skill set. My chosen industry focus is Marketing, and although I’ve held 2 Marketing internships before joining AutoGrid, I look to gain exposure to new career development opportunities as I near graduation.

I joined the AutoGrid team this summer as their Marketing Intern, with placement assistance through the INROADS program. I joined AutoGrid in part because I enjoy the challenge of taking raw data and making it useful and actionable for partners and our marketing team. Knowing that AutoGrid partners with top clients and investors further encouraged me to pursue this opportunity and join the team.

Impact of My Internship Work
As AutoGrid’s Marketing Intern, I am responsible for creating, refining, and filtering customer contact lists, which in turn enables the sales and marketing teams to operate efficiently and generate more qualified leads. I also collaborate alongside AutoGrid’s other Marketing Intern to assist in streamlining AutoGrid’s sales and marketing workflows. The key skill sets I will be gaining from my internship at AutoGrid is: networking, writing skills, project management skills, and managing multiple deadline-oriented projects.

As I near the end of my internship, I can proudly state that I accomplished my goal of learning these new skills through managing the marketing internship projects delegated to me. Through the filtering and refinement of AutoGrid’s customer contacts list, I enhanced my project management skills and provided AutoGrid with a valuable marketing tool. I also had the opportunity to further refine contact lists by grouping into customer types – Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs), Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs), and Co-operatives. I also managed the reorganization of important commercial documents to streamline and provide the team with easier access. Lastly, I got to shadow the process of creating and launching LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

INROADS Program – Promoting Diversity
Of course, my internship with AutoGrid would not be possible without the assistance of the INROADS program. INROADS is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping businesses gain access to diverse students by placing them in internships at top corporations like AutoGrid. To be an eligible candidate for INROADS, a student must have an up-to-date professional resume, at least a 3.0 GPA, complete mock interviews, and attend professional development training workshops. I found out about the INROADS program through my student organization at CSULB, the Hispanic Students Business Association (HSBA). Since finding out about the INROADS Program, I completed two internships at Kaiser Permanente and saw the true value of bringing diversity into a corporate work setting. The INROADS Program is what initially connected me to AutoGrid, and the rest is history.

Positive Workplace Culture
While at AutoGrid, I witnessed their collaborative workplace culture, despite the challenges of COVID-19 and all working remotely. I utilized various communication channels (Slack, Zoom, Email, etc.) to stay informed on all updates and company achievements, like when we welcome a new individual to our AutoGrid team. It is always heartwarming to also hear personal updates like when a team member welcomes a newborn to their family. The support here is unmatched.

As an intern, I enjoy staying connected to my team on our weekly Zoom check-ins. It is great to spend time catching up on both life and work updates. Despite the distance, our continued conversations and communication makes working remotely feel similar to an office environment. We are all just one quick ping or email away.

As I near the end of my internship, I look forward to applying my newfound skills to my Hispanic Students Business Association organization at CSULB and continuing to stay updated on AutoGrid’s innovative services. The skills I gained at AutoGrid will help me on future job opportunities after I graduate and for that, I am grateful.