New AutoGrid Blog Series Paints a Portrait of the Many Faces of AutoGrid

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Who are the people of AutoGrid, why do they enjoy working here, and why might you want to join us? We’re launching this blog series to answer those questions. Our premise is simple: The best way to learn why people choose to work at a company is to ask them. I shared my own journey a couple of years ago, you can learn more about it here. Over the next several months, you will hear directly from our team members who share their thoughts on the industry, the company, our culture and our people, as well as their personal motivations and values. I’m looking forward to reading these posts, and I think you will enjoy them too. I’ve noticed several themes amongst our colleagues – and one that immediately stands out is opportunity—the opportunity to make a meaningful dent in the universe as Steve Jobs once put it. This is true for AutoGrid as an organization and for each and every employee at the company. As a company, we’re fortunate to have the opportunity of working with large and small, regulated and deregulated energy companies across the globe. Our customers, irrespective of which part of the world they are operating in, want to provide their end-customers with a new type of energy, one that is personalized and is powered by renewable sources. Our customers believe, just like we do, that the transition to a new energy world can be accelerated significantly through adoption of the digital technologies of IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We’re proud that we are helping these energy companies not only adapt, but also thrive amidst the significant changes in their industry. People come to AutoGrid for a number of reasons, whether it’s for revolutionizing the energy industry, challenging themselves intellectually or for applying their education or experience to solve real-world problems. But one thing we all share—and I am sure you will see this come through loud and clear in the posts—is passion. At AutoGrid, we are passionately committed to remaking the 120-year-old energy supply chain, along with our customers and partners, to ensure every person on this earth has access to the cheap and reliable energy they need – we want to make sure that this access is achieved in a sustainable manner for generations to come. AutoGrid is a wonderful place to build a career and make a meaningful contribution. We’re growing rapidly. We’re aggressively entering new markets. We’re working at the edge of innovation in the energy industry. We have more things to do than we have time. In short, we’re bursting with opportunity for people who share our mission and passion. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a career-minded professional, an investor, a fan or a fellow employee, I think you’ll find these posts revealing. Together, they will paint a portrait, in employees’ own words, of what it means to work at AutoGrid. Click here for more information about the exciting opportunities to work at AutoGrid.
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