By Omprakash “Om” Moolchandani

I started working at AutoGrid about a month ago and almost immediately I was able to jump right into the middle of a customer project. As I started working, I was struck by how helpful everyone was. Team members got me up to speed on the customer and the product, and they listened to my thoughts.

By the end of the second week, I had started contributing ideas. They evaluated my proposal, did a quick prototype and found that it worked. We were able to solve a complex problem in a simple way.

The cool thing was that we were able to achieve success because people were very open to ideas, including those from a new employee. It was a wonderful introduction to AutoGrid and the AutoGrid way of doing things. It perfectly illustrates why I joined the company.

A Great Place to Build a Career

AutoGrid offers a unique value proposition, and I wanted to be a part of this journey.

I have been working in the energy segment of the industrial space for several years, and I’d been watching growth trends in the market. I was fascinated by the unique ways AutoGrid was tackling issues in the energy IoT space, particularly with respect to managing demand response, load, and flexible devices both behind and in front of the meter. AutoGrid’s flexible capacity solution brings value to all participants, including energy consumers, generators and distributors.

I came to AutoGrid from a diversified multinational corporation. While working for a large company has certain advantages, I believe that AutoGrid is a great place to build a career for three reasons. One, you can learn so much. About 85 percent of the employees are either Ph.Ds or have advanced post-graduate education and are experts in things like analytics, connectivity, grid edge and cloud computing. Working in this environment, your knowledge growth will be phenomenal. Two, you will have an opportunity to work on real challenges faced by actual customers. Three, these opportunities will help you expand and improve your skill set. In larger companies, you only work on one piece of the puzzle at a time. Here, you have the opportunity to do things wing to wing. There is a tremendous opportunity to improve yourself and to make an impact.

Impact on Society

Many people today want to know that their work has larger meaning. My role here focuses on cybersecurity. Of course, it’s important that AutoGrid protects its customer information. But this work has far greater impact on people and the way society functions, because energy is a fundamental requirement for societies to operate on a daily basis. We have to make sure that our grid providers can continue to supply power where and when it is needed. I work to ensure that the bad guys are not able to cause any disruption to energy production or transmission. That provides value both economically and in terms of the continuous delivery of electricity and the safety of the electric grid. And that makes me feel good about what I do.

Open, Collaborative, Energetic Culture

The people here are highly focused and motivated toward delivering, developing and innovating. The work is fun and stress-free.

The energy levels are absolutely mind-blowing here. In this open culture, you can create new ideas and have the opportunity to execute on them. You can walk up to any team member, and everybody is so open to working with you. This energetic, collaborative atmosphere allows you to meet your commitments, maintain a level of excellence, thrive and continue to grow.

It’s a very interactive, engaging environment here both on the digital front as well as on the personal front. People are interacting, collaborating, working together. I have seen more new productivity technologies being adopted here in the last three weeks than I saw in the last three years of my career.

Leading Industry Transformation

I absolutely recommend working at AutoGrid to anyone who relishes a high-growth environment. One, it’s a great place to learn. Two, it’s a highly collaborative, dynamic environment with zero politics. Three, if you want to work in an industry that has a high impact on society, on people, on the planet, if you want to make a difference in how humanity will move forward in energy and the transformation of energy, this is absolutely the place to be. AutoGrid is leading that change and transformation.

Those first couple of weeks at AutoGrid have set the tone for the rest of my time here. We are able to achieve excellent outcomes because we are open to listen. Everybody is here to innovate, contribute and excel. And that’s the kind of highly collaborative environment I love.